Felt Easter Egg Flowers

These flowers are a fantastic way to decorate for a kids Easter, also a cleaver and fun way to hide Easter eggs! They're so easy and simple to make! What you need: Sheets of felt in different colours. Green chenille stems. Plastic Easter eggs. Scissors. Hot glue gun. How to: Draw a flower on the [...]

Felt Easter Finger Puppets

This is an amazing Easter basket/bag filler! Kids absolutely love it!!! It's super fun and really gets younger kids using their imagination and interacting with other kids/siblings/caregivers. It's great for kids to do some free play. I got this idea off Pinterest, you can find the original post at I've made some changes to make [...]

Tips for Helping your Child Develop Great Communication and Language Skills

Talk to your child when you’re playing together. Have fun with nursery rhymes and songs, especially those with actions. Encourage your child to listen to different sounds, such as cars and animals. This will help your child listening skills. Gain your childs’ attention when you want to talk. Increase vocabulary by giving choices, e.g. “Do you [...]

Early Literacy

This month I’ve been thinking a lot about toddlers and literacy as my son is almost a year old, he's loving books and started to say his first words. So, I decided to do some research. Accoding to research, what is called the “home literacy environment” has been identified as crucial for toddlers and preschool children in [...]